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 Issue 201

Raucous caucus by Madelaine Empson

The Orange Guy isn’t peeling well and can hardly concentrate. Why? Because he’s juiced! The New Zealand general election is just around the corner, and it’s kinda a big peel.

In the fanta-stic Public Service Announcements – Election 2023, all hell breaks juice. It’s election night at the Beehive, and while tensions are high, inflation is higher. Will Labour survive another round in the Thunderdome? Will Luxon make it to the election? Can the Greens and Te Pāti Māori spring hope eternal? Is Seymour on the edge of glory? Oh, and guess who’s back? Back again. Winny’s back. Tell a friend.

Created by James Nokise and Anya Tate-Manning, PSA began life as a late-night comedy experiment in 2011 and is now Aotearoa’s longest-running political satire. 18 original productions have stormed through five election campaigns, with the latest edition on now at Circa Theatre until the 26th of August. Written by Thom Adams, Jamie McCaskill, and Johanna Cosgrove, and directed by Gavin Rutherford, a multitalented cast will bring over 20 political figures to party on a stage resembling an adult playground.

Accessible to even the most apolitical audiences, PSA is raucous caucus to the max, with high-octane antics, musical numbers, and outrageous additions – including a “Cocaine Bear” Tate-Manning won’t tell me any more about. 

What sets PSA apart is that it’s totally non-partisan – or, as the co-creator says, “we have a go at everyone”.

“You’ll be able to have a laugh at everyone who is in power, and I can guarantee your favourites or your enemies will be raked over the coals, for your viewing pleasure.”

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