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 Issue 201

Photo by Olivia Melhop

Floral fixation

Sofia Machray has always been drawn to flowers for “the way they change with seasons and day-to-day life, whether we notice them or not”. 

“I think humans are similar in many ways and I love writing about these concepts”, the dream-rock singer-songwriter says. “Aside from nature fuelling my creativity, the outdoor world has played a significant role in my life and wellbeing.”

Machray’s floral fixation comes to the fore on her debut EP Language of Flowers, a masterful exploration of themes like worry, self-doubt, and growing by overcoming.

“This record was like writing letters to my future self to help me get through confusing times and modern-day pressures of growing into adulthood”, the independent Arrowtown artist says. “Over the last year of making this record, I found myself subconsciously writing about moving on before the moving on had even begun. I found it interesting that I’d been trying to let go of something whilst still trying to hold on. These moments of self-discovery can be confronting at times, I often find myself turning to nature to help me come to peace with overwhelming feelings.”

Nature weaves through the record like ivy through a trellis, with Machray’s hypnotic vocals shooting through a foundational flowerbed of powerful songwriting. Introspective bulbs of melancholy and solitude delicately spring from the vine, while punchy drums and anthemic sounds bloom big and bright. Constantly on the brink of exploding into reverberating distortions, Language of Flowers is as unpredictable and bold as a rose that grew from a crack in the concrete.  

In celebration of Language of Flowers, Machray will set out on a nationwide release tour this August, playing Meow on the 11th with her five-piece band.

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