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 Issue 203

Photo by Dave Merritt Photography

Witty wanderings by Alessia Belsito-Riera

Pōneke’s newest show is something a little different. Our creative capital is stacked with comedy capers, poetry productions, cabaret compilations, drag demonstrations, musical medleys, and acting arrangements, but what about a storytelling spectacle? This Could Be A Podcast: Stories Tall and True is a show like no other with funny failures, mirthful meanderings, and talented taletellers who will have you traversing the full gamut of emotions and experiences on the 5th of September at The Fringe Bar.

Co-producers Creatif Kate and Hadley Wilson had the same idea “bubbling” around in their brains when Hadley approached her to start a storytelling showcase, Kate says. “Our energies and drive matched so we decided to go for it!”

“This show is inspired by a podcast that I’ve loved for a long, long time called The Moth,” Hadley, the self-described gay-of-all-trades writer and producer says. “I’m already desperate to expand and we haven’t even done our second show yet!”

September’s theme is Having a Body and is already stacked with some of Te Whanganui-a-Tara’s top-notch talent. Kate says casting has been a breeze as performers are eager to be a part of the live storytelling show.

“It’s amazing,” Hadley adds. “We’ve got the wonderful – and out of drag being herself – Libby Greatnews [pictured], comedian Samantha Hannah, musician and comedian Clara van Wel, the award-winning and lovable Leki Lyons, and many more.”

Join Wellington’s silver-tongued storytellers along their wanderings as they weave their webs of wisdom, whimsy, wit, and woe, of tales tall and true at This Could Be A Podcast.

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