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 Issue 216

Wild things by Madelaine Empson

Make like Bobby Darrin and head to The Fringe Bar on Saturday the 6th of April to Talk to the Animals at the petting zoo, because Caburlesque is back with Zoolesque 2! But instead of the roaring lions, tigers, and bears of the last edition, this variety spectacular will head to the softer, sweeter side of the zoo, with performers dazzling the audience as turtles, spiders, cats, and more.

With the first Zoolesque proving wildly popular, producer Adrienne Lindsay says “everyone wanted more animals so here we are giving them more animals even if they are people dressed as animals. It has been our privilege to bring burlesque to Wellington for the last 12 years”.

A big part of that journey, Sadie von Scrumptious [pictured] returns for a show that may be her “naughty number 40” as MC. For Caburlesque: Zoolesque 2 – Petting Zoo, her costume will be “glamour meets country” so she can “wrangle the wild things on stage – and in the audience!”

Performing pole to drag and everything in between, those wild things include Miss Burlesque Aotearoa 2020 Fanny McBangers from Auckland, Body Electric Pole Dance Studio’s Maree Prebensen, and Dangerous Liaisons from Christchurch, with many more cubs in the pride.

Caburlesque is a special addition to Wellington’s performing arts scene for performers and audiences alike.

“For us backstage, Caburlesque is a team – there's a lot of friendship and care in this show”, Sadie says. “For our audience, it is a sexy, quirky escape from daily life. We want everyone to walk in feeling welcome, to be dazzled by our performers, and to leave with a smile.”

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