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 Issue 219

Welly weirdos by Alessia Belsito-Riera

Delve into the darkness this NZ International Comedy Festival and disappear into the disturbed minds of Wellington’s most demonic and dramatic duo, Goth 2 A Flame.

Darkwave druid Richard Nothing (Jemaine Clement) and coldwave bassist Clown of Thornz (Jonny Brugh) conjoin by osmosis to bring BATS (Theatre) audiences a funeral of songs from the 21st to the 25th of May. With teased hair and midnight-black clothes, heavy makeup and dour ditties, the iconic pair are hardly recognisable.

What is instantly apparent is Clement and Brugh’s onstage chemistry, quirky lyricism, and unabashed authenticity. Having appeared together in Wellington cult classic What We Do in the Shadows as vampires Vladislav and Deacon, taking to the stage as goth band Goth 2 A Flame seems as natural a progression as bats to bloodsuckers.  

Separately, they are some of Aotearoa’s most beloved faces. Outside of the vampire mockumentary, Brugh has graced screens and stages across the motu as both an actor and a comedian, starring in films the likes of Thor: Love and Thunder, The Paragon, the award-winning short Ministry of Jingle, and the upcoming Australian version of The Office.

Clement shot to international stardom as one half of musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords. Since then, he has written, performed in, and produced some of Hollywood and Aotearoa’s biggest flicks, including Moana, Avatar, Rick and Morty, and the upcoming Minecraft movie to name but a few.  

Make to BATS like a Goth 2 A Flame – it’ll be very grave if you don’t.

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