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 Issue 189

Vibe out with BEACHWARE by Madelaine Empson

Tāmaki Makaurau band BEACHWARE has been honing their sound for the last six years, crafting tight indie tracks that juxtapose pop hooks with warm chords and smooth summer rhythms. This February, they released their debut album It’s Only Time.

Keyboardist James McDonald says the band is elated by the positive response to the album, which has been a long time coming.

“We started this record the week of the first-ever lockdown, and spent two and a half years chasing studio time, band members, and hard drives around the country.”

Unsurprisingly then, McDonald says the record spans a few thoughts.

“We really had to dig deep to complete this one, and our first song off the bat almost shares that sentiment of throwing in the towel. There’s also stronger conveyances of love security, uncertainty in the modern age, and sacrifice in our relationships. I think in general the BEACHWARE approach is to deliver a melancholic theme that people can still dance and vibe out and smile to.”

Wellington audiences will get their chance at San Fran on the 24th of February on the last stop of the indie-rock band’s first tour in four years. What started as a well-produced, tight show has only gotten better as BEACHWARE has crossed the motu with the indie-pop trio Haven. They’ve got plenty of onstage interactions planned “to blur the lines a little”.

“The boys are all about 19 and we’re learning a great amount from them, especially when it comes to enjoying ourselves!”

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