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 Issue 206

Photo by Amanda Konijn

The torso and the heart by Madelaine Empson

Ōtepoti alt-rockers Julian Temple Band have just dropped their seventh studio album. With nearly two decades of writing, recording, and touring to their name, Tunnels encapsulates the sonic evolution of a band that has grown from three members to six from their first to their latest record.

“Texturally the music has doubled in size”, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Julian Temple says. The addition of Alex Vaatstra (violin), Logan Hampton (keys), and Andy Straight (electric guitar) to the tight foundation of Julian, Stephen Marshall (bass), and Paul McLennan-Kissel (drums) “has fleshed out the sound of the band in a major way”.

“I’d hope to think that my songwriting has matured from experience and more time spent on Earth in this silly human form”, Julian adds, reflecting on how the new album fits into their body of work.

If the first two were the feet or foundations, the second two were the legs where they started to run, and the third two were the hands and arms where they began building a sound of their own, then Julian calls Tunnels the torso. More specifically, the heart.

“We spent far more time on this series of songs than any of our previous releases and the final outcome reflects that – more care and nurturing.”

In the unveiling so far, Julian Temple Band have sold out shows across the South Island as part of a 14-date nationwide tour that lands at Moon on the 27th of October.

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