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 Issue 218

The need to create by Madelaine Empson

Valley Kids brings experience from New Zealand heavy hitters such as Tomorrow People, Sons of Zion, NLC, and Creative Nātives. Daniel Sugrue (guitar, vocals) says when it came to forming as a five-piece band, everything just fell in line.

Scouring the dictionary for interesting words, they settled on the band name when keyboardist and vocalist Ihaka Tukapua (Muaūpoko, Ngati Kahungunu) popped his head through the door and said, “Valley Kids”.

“It’s reminiscent of the Hutt Valley, where we were founded, and we can be pretty childish sometimes.”

Sugrue says Valley Kids make eclectic music, drawing “inspiration from each other and we all have varying influences, ranging from reggae, rock, RnB, and soul. The need to create what makes us feel inspired keeps us driven.”

Released on the 5th of April, their new single Which Side Are You On? reflects their passion for using their art as a catalyst for change.

“The fact of the matter is there is no ‘side’, and ‘divide and conquer’ is the oldest trick in the book”, the Pōneke band says. “It is our hope this song is seen as an internal narrative about battling with the question of ‘which side are you on’ in every facet of life.”

With at least four more singles slated for release this year, Valley Kids will celebrate Which Side Are You On? at San Fran on the 31st of May, “catching up with our buddies from Corrella and leaving it all out on the stage”.

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