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The Doctor is coming by Alessia Belsito-Riera

Give your sonic screwdrivers a tune-up, Wellington – things are about to get timey wimey!

The ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, will materialise at The Opera House on the 25th of February alongside second Doctor Who companion Wendy Padbury, and young Amy Pond actor Caitlin Blackwood.

The Lord of Time: A Doctor Who Event coincides with the 60th anniversary of the legendary BBC show. This will be the first time a new generation Doctor will host a meet and greet in New Zealand where Whovians can attend panels, shop the stalls selling collectibles, take photos, and request autographs. Stage actor Rob Lloyd will also perform his latest stage show Me and Who.

Doctor Who is such an iconic show that appeals to so many generations and really brings people together,” organiser and Armageddon Expo managing director William Geradts says. “60 years is a huge milestone, so we thought it would be the perfect time to host an event dedicated to celebrating this amazing show.”

First airing in 1963, Doctor Who follows the adventures of a time lord known as the Doctor, who traverses time and space in the TARDIS, picking up companions and vanquishing evil along the way. Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi show in the world, winning more than 100 awards and amassing over nine million fans worldwide.

The show has always featured scientific themes such as artificial intelligence, cloning, and DNA manipulation, which have been key in story and character development. Whovians can learn more about the science behind the show not only at the live event, but also at Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder: Where Science Meets Fiction, an exhibition running for five months at Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 1st of June. This is the first time the exhibition has left UK shores.

Aside from show trivia and memorabilia, visitors can explore the inner workings of the TARDIS (why is it bigger on the inside?) and whether time travel is actually possible. Fans will also have the opportunity to share in the Doctor’s adventures and come face to face with many alien adversaries in the Monster Vault.

Step inside the TARDIS while it’s parked in Wellington and travel through time and space.

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