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Still from Night Creatures | Issue 223

Still from Night Creatures

Still from Yatra | Issue 223

Still from Yatra

Steadfast storytelling by Alessia Belsito-Riera

Engage in thought-provoking discussions and immersive exhibitions that push the boundaries of storytelling at the 19th annual Doc Edge Film Festival. For nigh on two decades, New Zealand’s Academy Awards®-qualifying international documentary festival has championed important, inspirational, and challenging stories by filmmakers in pursuit of truth and change across the motu and beyond.

“Doc Edge is a celebration of documentary storytelling, exploring themes of truth, impact, and reconciliation from around the world”, festival team Dan Shanan, Alex Lee, and Rachel Penman say, adding that documentary film is essential for giving voice to marginalised communities. “We believe that change and reconciliation occur when people engage in respectful dialogue and listen to other stories”.

The 19th annual festival boasts the largest number of world premieres to date, many of which are international films. “This record underscores our reputation as a must-premiere screening festival, offering a unique viewing opportunity to local audiences and showcasing films destined to be the world’s latest and most important documentary works”, the Doc Edge team adds. The full programme comprises 66 films, 28 digital immersive projects, 20 curated films for students, two days of wayfinding and learning events, and awards celebrating the art of storytelling.

From wars raging across the globe to the flickering sparks of resistance movements, people defying the limitations of age to climate crisis projects, odes to creativity to tales of indomitable resilience, the 66 films making up Doc Edge’s programme capture the width and breadth of the human experience. These powerful and provocative stories have been grouped into seven categories.

Being Oneself explores the multifaceted nature of identity; Bridges of Understanding hopes to underscore the importance of reconciliation and empathy critical to our ongoing humanity; Democracy On the Edge witnesses firsthand the struggles, triumphs, and complexities of safeguarding democratic principles; Facing The Edge celebrates the human spirit by shining a light on those who fight against injustice, discrimination, and oppression; In Truth We Trust offers gripping explorations of the darker side of human nature, uncovering secrets, unravelling mysteries, and delving into the complexities of crime and conspiracy; The Edge of Impact showcases the power of human actions to make a positive difference through inspiring stories of Indigenous wisdom, rebel warriors, environmental conservation, climate change, and wildlife protection; and the five Short Collections screen works under 40 minutes made right here in New Zealand and abroad.

2024’s Wellington programme will run from the 3rd to the 14th of July, with film screenings at Roxy Cinema in Miramar and exhibitions at Te Auaha. These cutting-edge digital interactive exhibition projects showcase top international and local virtual and augmented reality installations offering a fully immersive experience within a reimagined world.

Explore the world and experience life at the 2024 Doc Edge Film Festival.

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