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Sorry, I’m a Libra by Madelaine Empson

This time last year, Pōneke-based artist Danica Bryant was in the midst of her first-ever national tour, which coincided with the release of her sophomore EP Ego Death. She’s proud of the way the genre-straddling, deeply personal (yet blatantly fictional) work connected with so many listeners.

“Being able to physically see how its theme of finding your sense of self resonated with others made every song mean so much more”, the singer-songwriter and guitarist says, adding the EP pushed her towards more of a fun, alternative pop sound. “Everything about the Ego Death project has made me a more confident artist, and I’m so eager to do it all again with Libra.”

Bryant describes the standalone single as her most classic pop song yet.

“It’s anthemic and big and you just want to shout it from the rooftops because it feels so cathartic, which makes it a lot less serious and emotional than my previous work. Thematically it’s a satire on astrology. I think reading the stars is a beautiful take on spirituality, until it becomes an excuse for treating others badly because you’re just a Libra! The experience which inspired the song was a friendship break-up that really devastated me for a long time and it’s the first time I’ve shared any music about it publicly. I’m sure the sad stuff will see the light of day soon, but for now I’m glad this almost comedic approach does the trick.”

Bryant and her out-of-this-world band will celebrate Libra with The Astrology Tour, landing at Wellington’s very own space-themed bar, Moon, on the 10th of September. We reckon it’s your destiny to join the party.

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