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 Issue 199

Photo by Dave Merritt Photography

Retro renegades and maniacal maidens by Madelaine Empson

Gentleman, mobsters, creeps, and crooks – you are hereby summoned to The Fringe Bar on the 8th of July for a femme fatale tribute to a plethora of powerhouse villains and vigilantes. Wellington drag superstars will gloss your lips with drool and paint them with poison in the unforgettable Birds of Prey, brought to you by Dance or die Cabaret.

Dance or die Cabaret curator and producer The Bombay Bombshell [pictured] says it’s been a full-on year for the drag and burlesque performance company, especially with the city’s many festivals blossoming throughout the summer and autumn months.

“Winter has arrived but we’re still here powering through to put on entertainment to keep you alive and well.”

Birds of Prey is show number seven for 2023, and reflects the company’s ethos for “proudly creating the platform and providing quality entertainment showcasing our local queer artists with a passion for the stage”.

The Bombay Bombshell was inspired to create Birds of Prey because “we have an exceptional amount of dragsters that have tribute acts to the DC universe… so why not pack them all into one show?”

“The aesthetics and characters are perfect to showcase in drag and there’s a little bit of nerdiness in all of us”, she delights.

Audiences can expect performances from Olivia Dreams as Poison Ivy, Allikins Jerome as the Joker, and Ness Quick as old Harley Quinn in this “wicked as show”.

“We’re pulling out the tricks and looks so don’t be sad at home. Come along for a little live action and nostalgia.”

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