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Tahini Bikini | Issue 205

Tahini Bikini

Rad festivities by Madelaine Empson

Creeps Record Parlour is celebrating their fourth birthday! Or their fifth birthday! The Boss Dude (Apa Chappel) sheds some light on the situation:

“Potentially it’s the fourth, but quite possibly the fifth”, he says conclusively.

Whichever way you look at it, the Newtown institution has been serving as the lynchpin of the local record-loving community for four or five years now. The Boss Dude has loved getting to know his regulars over that time while ruling the counter at Creeps.

“It’s a very social job. It’s been a real privilege conversing with all the different types of characters and their music tastes.”

Creeps has put on loads of great music events since setting up shop in 2019 or possibly even 2018 or 2020 depending on what month of which year it was and whether our maths is correct (it’s usually not). Each one has focused on celebrating exciting new bands currently kicking butt in the local scene. To mark their very special birthday, they’re at it again with Rad Fest, a multi-genre mini-festival taking place at Moon, Opportunity for Animals, Newtown Community Centre, and Creeps itself on the 7th of October.

13 undeniably “sick bands playing killer sets” will spread out across the suburb to mark the occasion. Look out for Bleeding Star, Danica Bryant, Unsanitary Napkin, Tahini Bikini, Cherry Punch, Hemi Hemingway and the Snowflakes, Melondrone, Mirror Ritual, King Homeboy, Dateline, EUG, Bad Taste, and Plug.

Get out there to see a whole bunch of great bands, rock out to raw and veteran musos in their element, support local, and, of course, pick up some mean records. Rad!

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