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Past the kawakawa by Alicja Gear | Issue 172

Past the kawakawa by Alicja Gear

Permanent Green by Harry Bartle

On now at Exhibitions Gallery until the 11th of June, Permanent Green by Alicja Gear will lead visitors on an insightful journey through landscapes in the New Zealand bush whilst showcasing her unique ability and style. Gear’s expressive oil paintings are enhanced by her passion for playing with light, energy, and atmosphere, capturing moments when light dances across a landscape.

“Each time I start a new series I spend some time keeping an eye out for something that ignites that spark of interest,” Gear says. 

“This time it was the small reserve in Plimmerton near our home. When I step into this space, I am immediately transported into a sanctuary away from real life and a sense of calm settles over me.”

In this reserve, Gear found that the light is often so filtered by the trees it feels green. She wanted to translate this colour and energy onto large mural canvases. Using the reserve and the colour green as focal points she created a series of works, each one capturing the essence of what she saw and felt in the reserve. Her spirituality also played a major role when creating the beautiful works that make up Permanent Green.

“Green is known as a healing colour and the colour associated with our heart chakra and our Earth. I feel very strongly about how important it is we really care for our Great Mother Papatūānuku.”

Gear hopes people can “take a moment to be still with these pieces” and be led to a time where they feel peace and calm.

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