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Artwork by Jenna Karl | Issue 210

Artwork by Jenna Karl

Night-merry Christmas by Alessia Belsito-Riera

Macabre machinations and devious delights, creepy creations and ghoulish gifts… the Creepy Cute Market is for all those who have an affinity for the dark and whimsical side of life. The inaugural market suffuses and oozes into Thistle Hall on the 9th of December from 9:30am to 2:30pm, just in time for a perfectly nightmarish Christmas caper.

“Creepy and cute art is about creating something new with two vastly different concepts,” artist Jenna Karl says. “It’s a little twisted, a lot of fun, and even comes laced with humour. It is surprising where artists draw their inspiration from.”

Part of Foxtail Events Community Markets, the Creepy Cute Market features artists of all types teaming up to showcase the creepy-cute art genre with a large variety of handcrafted products.

“Often, this style finds itself tucked away in a corner somewhere but now our creations will take centre stage in a celebration of the adorably macabre,” Karl continues. “The market is an opportunity for artists to push their boundaries, really embrace the artform, and create something truly unique, which will be a treat for those visiting.”

From eerie illustrations to cadaverous clothing, the bizarre bazaar caters to each and every spooky sensibility, with all morbidly adorable pieces of home décor or wicked accessories made with skill, detail, and care.

At the Creepy Cute Market, you’ll find the perfect unusual Christmas gift for that spooky someone in your life. Have a very night-merry Christmas!

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