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 Issue 160

New EP speaks of hope by Madelaine Empson

On the 20th of November, writer, musician, and photographer MaryJane Thomson will share a preview of her forthcoming EP This Is How The Deaf Speak at Thistle Inn in Thorndon. Set for release in March 2022, the new work is a blend of music and spoken word that she describes as essentially a remix of her previous piano album, This Is How The Deaf Sing, with words.

This is How The Deaf Speak represents I’d say a turning point for my music and poetry”, says Thomson, whose work often reflects her perspective as a deaf artist. She adds that the EP came about quite by accident. “I never intended to really be a spoken word artist, I was just testing out a microphone on my keyboard and picked up one of my poems and started reading it over the music and I thought, ‘this is pretty cool.’”

The EP crosses themes of love and loss with existential questions about creation and life, Thomson explains.

“Ultimately the piece is a cycle of evolution. It might make you feel something and then that feeling evolves as the music progresses… I am hoping there are some undiscovered frontiers and an emergence of hope for a brighter day, that sense of renewal and new life. Something we need at the moment.”

Thomson wants the show to leave a lasting impact, uplifting and ultimately moving her audience.

“What more could I hope for?”


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