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 Issue 222

Murderous mayhem by Alessia Belsito-Riera

In the quiet village of Ravenswood Bluff, a demon walks amongst you, killing by night and disguising itself in human form by day. During a hellish thunderstorm, a bone-chilling scream echoes at midnight. The townsfolk rush to find the storyteller murdered, impaled on the clocktower.

Blood on the Clocktower is a bluffing game of deduction and deception in which participants play as townsfolk on a quest to unmask evil. Will the good residents put the puzzle together in time to execute the true demon, or will evil overrun their once-peaceful village?

You too can join the fray at Thistle Hall for Wellington on the Clocktower on the 29th of June. With multiple sessions running between 10am and 8:30pm, participants of all levels can enjoy The Pandemonium Institute’s number-one-rated party game of all time.

“This event is a fantastic opportunity for newcomers and seasoned players alike to experience the thrill and excitement of the game in a welcoming and inclusive environment,” organiser Nick McNeil says.

Typically lasting 60 to 75 minutes, no two games are alike, and death is not the end… In each session, dead players are not eliminated, and players can even join after the game starts. Every player knows something that can impact the outcome, though the storyteller may give misinformation to players who find themselves drunk or poisoned.

Sharpen your pitchfork and keep your eyes peeled for a gripping tale of murder, blood-soaked in mystery and deceit.

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