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 Issue 156

Moonlight Madness with Lou’ana by Madelaine Empson

Many people have tried to describe Lou’ana’s voice. With “very special” and “warm and sweet like honey” on the list, Mike Alexander from perhaps put it best when he said it’s so big, so beautiful, and so luminous it contains worlds. When I ask the Auckland-based artist if she sounded like that from the beginning, she laughs, “I think I’ve always had quite a funny voice!”

“Ever since I was little it’s always been quite husky. The tone’s always been there, and just through letting my influences simmer with my own sounds over the years, this is what has come out of it for 2021.”

That’s not the only thing this year will bring, with a headline tour coming up to celebrate her 2020 album Moonlight Madness. Weaving as much authentic 60s and 70s soul and big band arrangements as possible through the work, Lou’ana says the mysticism that threads through her life naturally had to be in the music and album too.

“Mystical language inspires me, in words and in essence. We chose instruments that evoked magical feelings and spoke to that realm.”

A cosmic cocktail of sweet and soulful, Lou’ana will perform Moonlight Madness live at Meow on the 21st of August with a big soul band behind her.

“I want to give space for people to dance, or if they want to sit, or if they want to receive the music. I’m always thinking about how everyone is receiving the music, it’s a reciprocal energy. How we all connect together.”

“I want people to have a good time, and if they feel like it resonates with them, I’d like to meet them and see them there.”

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