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 Issue 186

Photo by Emily Brown

Milking the joke by Finlay Langelaan

From visionary director Sean Dugdale-Martin and the team at Ruff as Gutz comes the latest rendition of the MILK! genre, this time with a festive twist. Two seasons, loads of lore, and more milk than you ever expected to see on stage; the acclaimed and instantly iconic improvised comedy show is back with A Milkmas Carol.

When the show premiered at Fringe 2021, it astounded and bemused audiences with its unique format. Like any other improv show, a group of actors and comedians come together to make up scenes on the spot. Here, though, the audience is armed with water balloons that hold the power to change the course of the show, and if one of those balloons is full of milk… well, that’s when things get really weird.

After a rejig and polish of the show with Milk of the Gods earlier this year, it’s time once again for Wellingtonians to return to the Milkverse. “Making Milk has proved to me how beneficial putting people over product is,” Dugdale-Martin says. “We wanted to create a cult-classic show, something with a community behind it.”

Join Anna Barker, Mia Oudes, Tim Fraser, Dylan Hutton, Daniel Nodder, Ashton Marla, Jacob Banks, and newcomer Emma Rattenbury as they get wet and wild from the 13th to the 16th of December at Gryphon Theatre. Demonstrating remarkable improvisation skills, relative calmness under dairy-induced pressure, and a complete disregard for theatre etiquette, Ruff as Gutz is sure to create a truly brilliant show from a totally absurd premise.

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