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Foxy Cleptopatra | Issue 218

Foxy Cleptopatra

Levitating by Alessia Belsito-Riera

It’s time to get Physical, Wellington. Dua Lipa Drag Show is hitting Ivy Bar and Cabaret on the 3rd of May, Begging you to Dance The Night away.

Starring producer Foxy Cleptopatra (not a typo) alongside head drag diva Maria Richman, the one and only Pelham, and a brand-new special guest performer, Dua Lipa Drag Show graces the stage to celebrate the release of the British Albanian superstar’s new album Radical Optimism.

“Dua Lipa is such a great artist who continues to grow musically, with constant catchy hits that never get annoying,” Foxy gushes. “Her music is effervescent and fun and she’s not afraid to dip into the more political, like Boys Will Be Boys from Future Nostalgia.”

This show comes after Foxy’s return from her UK and Europe OE.

“The UK drag scene is 10 times bigger, but honestly so similar to New Zealand,” she says. “Although doing drag in terms of logistics is a lot easier over there – like access to wigs, fabric, clothing, and makeup – New Zealand and Australian drag competes just as well with less resources”.

Which explains why she’s thrilled to be back producing and performing in the coolest little capital. “Wellington drag is often thought of as more alternative than the rest of NZ, but what often doesn't get talked about is our polished, highly creative powerhouse performers, who get booked to perform all over NZ and overseas. Some of whom are in this show!”

Don’t go Houdini, Wellington. Dua Lipa Drag Show will have you Levitating.

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