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Faux Femm | Issue 221

Faux Femm
Photo by Felix Jackson

Into the swamp by Alessia Belsito-Riera

Welcome to Far Far Away, where all your favourite fables come to life in drag in honour of the 20th anniversary of Shrek 2. Come out from your swamps and follow the enchanted road to Ivy Bar and Cabaret on the 22nd of June for an ogre-dose of fun.

Hosted and organised by the “witty ugly stepsisters” Faux Femm and Foxy Cleptopatra, Far Far Away will transform into a dragon of a party starring Pōneke’s magical drag legends.

“With lip-syncs, dance numbers, and comedy, it’s a night of laughter and spectacle,” the duo declare. “From Gingy’s one-liners to the Fairy Godmother’s wicked charm, every moment is a delight.”

Shrek and Fiona, Dragon and Donkey, Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother, and plenty more characters from the 2004 masterpiece will strut their stuff in glamourous drag attire at Far Far Away. Just picture the iconic showcase in the film’s finale featuring performances by Maria Richman, Ness Quick, Eddie D’amore, Amoeba Geezer, Myrtle Montgomery, and Rocky Rhodes.

Arguably the best and most beloved film of the DreamWorks series, Shrek 2 has become a cult classic emblematic of the animated films of the era. You don’t need to know the Muffin Man to secure tickets to the drag show but get in quick by 9pm before the spell wears off at the stroke of midnight.

An unforgettable night plucked straight from a fairytale, make Far Far Away the happy ever after to your weekend.

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