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 Issue 210

Hold onto your hair by Madelaine Empson

25 years ago, The Feelers released their seminal debut Supersystem. James Reid (vocals, guitar), Hamish Gee (drums), Andy Lynch (guitar), and Clint Harris (bass) have been on an epic ride ever since, carving out their own niche in the New Zealand rock music landscape and becoming a household name in the process. That first quarter-century of career-defining highlights was just the beginning for the chart-toppers, who are set to tour the motu in support of their latest album Reimagined – Greatest Hits.

When it came to rearranging and recording some of their most popular tracks, including Fishing for Lisa and One World, Gee says “we were able to really challenge ourselves, and challenge the idea of what a new Feelers’ record should be”.

While the process has certainly breathed new life into the songs, a lot of the changes made “were things we perhaps wished we could have done on the originals, such as sweeping string arrangements, pianos, percussive parts”, Gee continues.

Renowned for their exhilarating live shows, Wellingtonians can’t miss The Feelers at Brewtown’s Brew Year’s Eve on the 31st of December, where they’ll be joined by a killer line-up.

“With the addition of Dragon and Hello Sailor, it might well be the entertainment event of the year! They’ll be thrashing out hit after hit too.” The Feelers plan to run a few tunes from the Reimagined album up the flagpole, but are especially looking forward to blowing our hair back with unrestrained bangers from their whole catalogue.

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