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 Issue 200

Fang-tastic by Alessia Belsito-Riera

What do guts, garlic, and glitter have in common? What about stakes, screams, and stilettos? Something you’ll go absolutely batty over: a vampire-inspired drag show!

Lost Boyz – A Vampiric Drag King Show is the brainchild of the matron of monsters Amy Thurst [pictured], who will be your host for the evening as none other than the nightmare-inducing Nosferatu. A perfectly staged hellscape at Ivy Bar and Cabaret on Saturday the 29th of July, this drag show will transport you to inferno and back again.

Since the dawn of time, folklore and legend have depicted vampires as symbols of sexual and societal deviance. The Lost Boyz will be the epitome of taboo, the paradigm of prohibition, the archetype of anathema. From seductive sinners and aristocratic romantics to castle-dwelling drama queens, nocturnal party animals, and emotionally unavailable hunks, all your favourite bloodsuckers will be there. Think Blade, Queen of the Damned, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Edward Cullen, and many more.

The all-star cast of Lost Boyz – A Vampiric Drag Show will raise the stakes for vampires and drag artists alike. The line-up includes Faux Femme, Fetishini, Allikins Jerome, King Markiss, Robin Yablind, Slick Burns, and Timothy Taffy. These living dead boys of the night are here to tease, tantalise, and leave you bone dry… of blood, that is.

Take a bite out of Lost Boyz – A Vampiric Drag King Show before they sink their fangs into you!

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