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Fay Belle | Issue 220

Fay Belle

DIY supremacy by Madelaine Empson

“Who would have thought when The Great DIY BurlesKiwi made its debut back in 2015, we would still be going strong in 2024”, co-producer Debbie Eve asks. Come and see which dazzling performer will be crowned the 10th champion of the diamante-studded competition, with artists from across the motu set to battle it out for DIY supremacy at The Fringe Bar on the 1st of June.

The Great DIY BurlesKiwi challenges performers to use their ingenuity and creativity to bring an award-winning burlesque act to the stage… all for under $100. With the number-eight wire mentality at its core, it serves as living proof that fabulousness doesn’t have to come at a cost.

On the hot-pink seat this year will be Amber de Luze, JoJo Bellini, Ms Weeds, and Violet Thrills from Wellington; Billie Jean, Cherry Boomb, Tara King, and Navy May from Napier; Peggy Nova, Cyanide Diamond, Madam Magenta, and Red Devil from Hawke’s Bay; Kiki laRoux from Foxton; Tenacious Venom from Palmerston North; Isla Banks from Manawatū; and Raven Bedlam from Nelson.

Returning to hand over the crown and glory to the next winner is Fay Belle, The Great DIY BurlesKiwi 2023, who was recently crowned Mx Burlesque Aotearoa 2024 for her award-winning DIY act. The guest judge and performer will be none other than The Ambassador herself, Diamante Doll, all the way from Nelson.

“I can't believe it’s been 10 years”, Debbie exclaims. “We have been truly blessed with amazing winners over the years and can’t wait to see who will be number 10.”

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