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 Issue 218

Dickie in the city by Madelaine Empson

It’s a new chapter for loveable ol’ grump Dickie Hart. Directed by Ross Jolly and starring Gavin Rutherford, Sir Roger Hall’s End of Summer Time will bring the rugby madcap with a heart of gold to the Circa Theatre stage from the 4th of May to the 9th of June.

Dickie first captured audiences in the late 90s in C’mon Black, which toured the country to sellout crowds, and returned for You Gotta Be Joking. In his third instalment, End of Summer Time, the year is 2023 and Dickie has moved into an Auckland apartment with his wife Glenda. By crikey, he’ll do his best to confront life in the big smoke, because even this crusty old dog can learn new tricks.

Rutherford, who first played Dickie in C’mon Black, says the character “loves his rugby, working dogs, and his beautiful, tolerant wife Glenda”.

“He’s an exuberant guy who is a master storyteller. Well, of course he is. He is the rugged country Kiwi incarnation of New Zealand’s most successful playwright, Sir Roger Hall.”

Rutherford has worked with Jolly for “many, many shows” and calls him not only one of his oldest friends, but “masterful with comic ideas and the shaping of a story”.

“Working with Ross on a Roger Hall play is a privilege and an honour. Thank you, Ross, for all the opportunities you have given me in my career to grow my confidence, challenge me, and practise my craft.”

Rutherford hopes audiences will have “a blimmin good night out at the theatre”, taking away “lots of laughs, memories, a sprinkle of tears, and maybe a different way of looking at the world.”

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