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 Issue 176

Photo by Samuel Austin

Deluxe done DIY by Madelaine Empson

Twins Oli and Callum Devlin started Hans Pucket as a two-piece playing house parties in post-quake Ōtautahi Christchurch.

“The name was one of those silly high school joke band names that stuck around”, Oli says. “It’s too late to change it now!”

Now split between Wellington and Auckland with another Callum (Passells) and a Jono (Jonathan Nott) in the mix too, the high-energy pop band is currently Confidently Test(ing) Out New Material on their Confidently Test Out New Material Tour across the motu.

It’s all to gear up for a new record, the latest since 2018’s Eczema and the singles I Don't Know What To Get You For Christmas (Do I Really Love You?) and Drink With My Friends, which graced our earlobes last year as 7” lathe cuts. 

“We’ve spent a long time crafting the songs for the new record, there’s a lot more technicolour production involved, more instruments, kind of going for a huge deluxe high-budget sound done DIY”, Oli says. “It will be later in the year when they’re released so for now you’ll have to come to the show to hear them!”

Wellingtonians will have their shot at San Fran on the 21st of July.

“Wellington will always feel like our hometown show – there’s a really strong music-going scene here, even compared to Tamaki, people really care about music and show up!”

“We can’t wait.”

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