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 Issue 223

Crushed garlic and scrambled eggs by Madelaine Empson

Something is afoot in Maisie and Tom’s garden. A ginormous foot, in fact. Not only has an ogre come along and stomped on all the crops, crushing the family’s garlic and scrambling their hens’ eggs in the process, but he’s eating people in the village too! How rude!

Even King George and Princess Pansy don’t know what to do about the nasty, greedy ogre – but the king does have an idea or two. He just needs a little help, decreeing, “I Need a Hero!”

Enter Puss in Boots, the fabulous talking cat. Will Puss save the day, or will the hideous ogre spoil everyone’s magical plans? And will Tom ever get to meet the lovely princess? And how come Sir Veilance can’t find a single darn thing?

Come along to The Pantoloons’ July school holiday production of Puss in Boots, on the 11th at Te Raukura ki Kāpiti, the 12th at Carterton Events Centre, and the 17th and 18th at Little Theatre Lower Hutt, to find out.

Writer and director Amanda Stone says the children’s theatre company, now in its 11th year, has welcomed three new performers into the fold for this one. Hayden Waller, Mischa O’Brien, and Sandy Leadbeater will join Pantoloons’ royalty Jacey McGrath, Jodie Mahan, Tanisha Wardle, Sarahn Windle, Molly Weaver, and Paul Weaver as the voice of the ogre to bring you this hilarious tail. With song and dance, zany costumes, topical humour for the grownups, and side-splitting silliness for the littlies, Puss in Boots is the purrfect school holiday treat.

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