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 Issue 197

Celebrate good times by Madelaine Empson

The BeatGirls are throwing a party, and you’re invited! On the 9th of June at Southward Theatre in Paraparaumu and the 10th at Carterton Events Centre, the iconic Kiwi trio will showcase the best of the best from their repertoire in a big birthday bash. They’re turning 25!

“It’s a bit of a phenomena that we are still going,” BeatGirls co-founder and singer Andrea Sanders marvels of the quarter-century milestone. “When we started out we only performed Beatles songs and also had a full band (which was great!). Then we expanded the repertoire into 60s girl groups, Motown, 70s, 80s, went back to the 40s, Andrews Sisters, and then right up to current day, so we have constantly evolved and been able to give people something new and fresh.”

When I ask what else she thinks has contributed to The BeatGirls’ success, Sanders thinks it’s mainly the performers, some of whom “have been with the group for over 15 years, some from the very start”.

“Their energy is awesome, we incorporate humour and try to involve audience interaction as much as possible. Dynamic performers and we all get each other”, she exclaims.

Once described as “adrenaline on high heels” and “as iconic as the Wellington bucket fountain”, New Zealand’s favourite girl group has delighted audiences worldwide with a winning formula of Cs: chops, costumes, choreography, catchy songs, and chat – often of the sassy kind! A BeatGirls show is always a riot of joy, and not just for audiences. 

“We get to play dress up on a regular basis, it’s always fun, and I basically spend the rest of my time in track suit pants and a big t-shirt”, Sanders says. “I am immensely proud of how far we’ve come and also grateful we still have an audience. NZ is a small country so it’s a testament to us that we are still going strong and can generate an audience.”

“Finally,” Sanders laughs, “I’d just like to thank the Academy.”

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