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 Issue 169

A sparkly Easter fever dream by Madelaine Empson

Bunny Holiday is Wellington’s answer to Paris Hilton. The drag queen and local ‘it girl’ made drag cool again. That’s hot!

Together with her entourage, Bunny is set to take IVY Bar and Cabaret by fierce, fiery storm this April. On Saturday the 16th, the Bunny and Her Honeys Easter Show will be a sparkly fever dream of a night featuring a diamante-studded line-up of local drag talent.

“Anna Diction brings the 90s big sister vibes and adds her sense of humour on top, Scarlett Adams is best known for being a sultry and seductive performer, Harlie Lux brings back old Hollywood glamour in a spooky way... and that’s only a few of the line-up we have to offer this year”, Bunny says, adding the artists mostly come from her drag clique The Ashleys.

Bunny started The Ashleys when she was first setting out in drag six years ago with Anna Diction. One thing she loves about the local scene is the camaraderie.

“We all know each other and support one another, which makes the environment one of the best to work in and it shows on stage. Backstage at a drag show here is my favourite place to be.”

As for how Easter and drag go together, Bunny says the whole reason she does the show is because they kind of don’t.

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek show that may or may not be more about me than it is about Easter… either way I know it’s going to be a great time.”

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