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 Issue 135

Sisters share six decades of stories by Madelaine Empson

Sarah and Catherine Delahunty will bring six decades of sisterhood to the BATS Theatre stage this October. Running from the 13th to the 17th, #UsTwo sees playwright, director, and theatre matriarch Sarah combining strengths with former Green MP, activist, and author Catherine in a punchy autobiographical show that has celebrated two seasons of standing ovations across the Auckland and New Zealand Fringe Festivals.

Of the wonderful response, Catherine says, “We got feedback from older women that we had described their lives and reminded them of the struggles and the flavour of their youth, and we also got feedback from younger women that they had not known some of the history we highlighted and they loved seeing older women behaving outrageously.”

#UsTwo puts the sisters in their jimjams to share 60 years of personal and political history.

“The play explores our lives together and separately from tortured adolescence through to grandmotherhood and our different but the same battles with patriarchy”, Catherine continues. “Themes of denial, duty, resistance, and a refusal to be silent emerge in both of our lives.”

Catherine is looking forward to acting in #UsTwo again with a live audience after two lockdowns.

“I really hope people will find the show fun but also that it will make them think about what liberation actually means for women and thus for everyone. I hope it can help inspire people to challenge toxic systems and value women’s stories.”

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