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Samantha Hannah | Issue 169

Samantha Hannah
Photo by Phil Hannah

Shameless comedy by Harry Bartle

Some of New Zealand’s top comedy talent is rocking up to The Fringe Bar for a two-hour comedy showcase on the 22nd of April for another Friday Laughs. Emceeing the show is Scottish comedian Samantha Hannah, who was labelled, “one of the funniest ladies on the planet” on the Remote Goat website. She will be joined by comedy up-and-comers Laura Tremaine, Severin Gourley, Alexander Sparrow, Advait Kirtikar, and headline act Daniel John Smith. 

“I’m so excited”, Hannah exclaims. “I love doing comedy in Wellington. The community here is great, and it will take me roughly five minutes to get home afterward so that’s a huge plus too”. 

A quick walk home is not the only thing on Hannah’s agenda, as the Scot is once again preparing to share all the funny, quirky, and unique details of her sometimes-ridiculous life. Her previous shows How to Find a Husband in a Year, How to find Happiness, and How to Win @ Life all saw great success. 

“I tend to talk mostly about my life and the ridiculous things that happen to me. I also like to take a pop at Kiwis in general. I’m Scottish but since moving here I have discovered Kiwi audiences are super game and are very good at laughing at themselves”, Hannah notes.

Audiences can also look forward to a few laughs courtesy of the award-winning John Smith.

His comedy style is marked by playful crowd work, hilarious storytelling, and of course, the occasional shameless wordplay.

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