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JessB releases confident collection of high-class hip-hop by Madelaine Empson

Auckland-based rapper JessB will launch her new mixtape 3 Nights in Amsterdam across Aotearoa this October. Recorded with local producers in the capital of the Netherlands, she calls the six-track work “a very high-energy project.”

“For me it is about the love of the rhythm and drums, while still being able to talk about concepts that are relevant to my life and how I see the world.”

JessB got the chance to record in Amsterdam while in London last year. She’s also performed in Los Angeles, New York, Australia, and of course, New Zealand. With international travel off the table and COVID-19 complicating even local gigs, she says 2020 has “been a rough year as a musician.”

“I am also able to take positives from it. I’ve been focusing on my creation process and trying some new things musically.”

Traversing new sonic landscapes, 3 Nights in Amsterdam is a confident collection of high-class hip-hop. JessB is proud of the mixtape and is excited to perform it live to Wellington audiences.

“Last year my show sold out in Wellington and it was by far the best crowd we performed to on the tour! The energy in the room felt electric. I loved every minute of it. I think that people from Wellington really just love live music and I really feel that every time I go down.”

Fittingly, the launch kicks off in the capital at Meow on the 2nd of October.

“I can’t wait. You can expect an absolute party both on stage and in the crowd, love in abundance, and most importantly, great music”, she winks.

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