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 Issue 213

Photo by Scott Maxim

 Issue 213

Photo by Scott Maxim

Improv on the rocks by Madelaine Empson

Pōneke’s premier bar-hopping improv comedy troupe are about to get their Rox off at Circa Theatre. Throughout the year, PopRox will deliver a one-of-a-kind immersive experience in and around the Circa Theatre Restaurant & Bar space on the last Sunday of every month. I caught up with company member Nina Hogg to chat about the saucy, spicy affairs – the next of which will take place on Sunday the 25th of February at 7pm.

What’s the inspiration behind the PopRox Improv Comedy Nights at Circa Theatre?

We wanted to do an improv show that feels immersive, decadent, and cabaret-like! We’re so grateful to land in the Circa Bar because it’s such a great fit for this show. Audiences can walk up to the bar and order a drink or even a whole meal and dessert at any time! It also makes it easy for us to be acting in between and even with the audience. The whole evening is a bit glam, a bit cheeky, and a whole lot hilarious.

I heard January’s show sold out! How did it go and what type of feedback did you get?

It was a hoot! I think we’re really all playing at the top of our game in this new venue. It was especially exciting that so much of the audience had never seen a PopRox show before. It was a hot crowd. My favourite piece of audience feedback was ‘We’re coming every month, it’s so much better than sitting at home and watching TV.’

What were your favourite and most outrageous moments from the event?

It’s gotta be a tie between Dylan [Hutton’s] sad French director Joshua, who didn’t let up on me having to sing La Vie en rose in the background for – I wanna say 10 minutes on repeat? But the most outrageous would have to be Millie [Osborne] improvising a whole Britney-style dance sequence as a small dog!

If I came to January’s PopRox Improv Comedy Night, why should I come to February’s as well? 

As with the nature of improv, every show is completely unique, created from exactly what the audience gives us. So February’s show will be filled with brand-new characters, stories, punchlines, music, and opportunities for you to influence what you’re seeing on stage. Plus, Tara [McEntee] and Jed [Davies] will be back on stage with a special guest! 

If I haven’t been before, why should I come along?

PopRox on Sunday nights is a great way to end your week on a high. The talent from our players is unbelievable, the bar is gorgeous, and the musicians are fantastic. I think the experience is more than that of a straight comedy show. Tickets are now on sale for all of our shows up until November, so come pull up a chair, grab a drink, and get ready to laugh!

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