Welcome to Regional News.

We produce a fortnightly events and lifestyle publication, covering what’s on, where to go, and what to do in Greater Wellington.

Regional News is a magazine-style newspaper, tabloid size in newsprint with a white cover. The publication sits midway between a community newspaper and a paid magazine, but it’s free. We aim to reach the mid to high socio-economic readership through our phenomenal distribution.

At a conservative estimate, we have approximately 90,000 readers. We deliver along the Northern Corridor as far as Paekākāriki, from Petone to the Haywards, down to the Eastern Bays, through to Wellington Central and out to Seatoun. Regional News is home-delivered fortnightly and available in stands outside most New World supermarkets across the greater Wellington region. You can pick it up in cafés, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and theatres throughout the CBD and on Jackson Street in Petone, from various cafés across the Wairarapa, and from stands in Palmerston North.

Regional News is available online, not only to read but also for convenient access to individual advertiser’s websites; simply click on the advertisement and you’ll be taken there directly.

We feature local news, events, and personalities while exploring leisure and travel ideas. We house regular competitions and lifestyle features.

This is Regional News – so much more than a newspaper.


“Thanks for all the work you're constantly doing for the arts community in Wellington – doesn't go unnoticed!”
– Lydia Zanetti, Zanetti Productions.
“Thank you Maddi for all you, Frances, and Regional News do for me and the Wellington arts scene! Truly awesome.”
– Colleen McColl, publicist.
“I've seen the paper in several places this past week -- lovely to have you here in the Wairarapa!”
– Madeleine Slavick, communications manager, Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History.
“Let us congratulate you on a great publication. Nowhere else out there are the arts so widely and competently covered.”
- Heather and Richard, readers from Point Howard
“Regional News is a great asset for the arts in Wellington. They're a free paper and reach a broad audience. They also include an entire page of visual arts coverage in each issue (which I'm sure you'll know is rare for a newspaper in 2018).”
– Simon Gennard, communications and publications manager, Enjoy Contemporary Art Space.
“Love the publication, wish we had similar in Auckland”
- Clare Martin, musician.
“Congrats to Regional News for being singularly the best all round summary of what's going on in the region, by far.”
- Andrew, Wellington Bluegrass Society
“I received my first booking from this advert totalling $1400. A huge thank you!!!!!!!!!”
- Robin, in regards to a $299 advertisement for Red Tussock Motel.
“The La Casa Azul image on the front cover of Regional News this week looks brilliant! We’ve been getting lots of compliments and comments like “Did you know your Frida is on the cover of Regional News?” from people we know, far and wide. The word is definitely out there.”
- Bevin
Producer | Good Times
“The What’s On pages are the first that I read whenever I receive your newspaper and influence my choice of entertainment each month.”
- Margaret
Committee Member | Festival Singers
“We’ve had a few regulars come into our store and tell us what a nice write up it was!”
- Brendan, in regards to an editorial about Camera House, Queensgate
“[Regional News] is becoming miles away the best organ for information about local events… You have served us – and the Hutt Valley community very well!”
- Murray Presland, Chamber Music Hutt Valley
“I’m sitting here with my coffee reading your latest terrific R News. Both my husband and I look forward to each edition. It is packed full of interesting, informative and educational articles not only local but national too. As we no longer get the daily newspaper (6 newspapers a week are too many) we appreciate reading of the many cultural events that are on in Wellington. Please pass on to everyone involved in its publication, including the superb layout formatters, that they are doing a great job. Keep it up and thank you.”
- Anonymous resident, Karori